Are at hand exercises you can do to hold your voice strong?

If I talk too loudy, my voice will shift out or be rasbpy for days at a time. I sound resembling I am getting laryngitis but do not have any sickness and this have been going on for something like 2-3 weeks. I do not smoke either. My voice seem simply strained from over use, but I do NOT overly use it. I to talk to citizens just similar to I always hold but lately it seems its dwindling and I have smaller number voice range. What could this be? I enjoy four young kids I stipulation to raise, I can NOT loose my voice!

Have you have any surgery recently that required doctors to insert tubing down your throat?

I know of cases where on earth during such routine procedures the vocal cords be damaged inadvertently. In my grandmother's satchel, she didn't even realize her vocal cords be damaged until two years after the initial surgery, but she experienced symptoms remarkably similar to the kind you describe. All she have to do was to convey on a normal conversation and her voice would become more and more strained.

Eventually she have this fixed through surgery.
Singing, and only singing. Ask some singer if you know one, or ask question in some sort of music school

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