Anyone beside a knees injury?

I have lots of knees problems from playing lots of sports. The big two: and MCL thats still not healed from previous a previous scratch (not complete tear...solely slight) (from hockey and basketball on my left leg) and a patella that keep dislocating (from badminton and basketball on my right). What can i do to fix this and prevent this? (Haha im thinking about amputating. hahah. jk jk jk)

You should focus your exercises on strengthening your hip and butt muscles. The problem beside your patella is that you are relying too much on your quad (front thigh muscles) and not enough on your hip and butt. You want to do exercises for the inner & outer thigh, butt, hamstring (back of thigh). As far as the MCL goes, no exercise is gonna assistance that freshly needs time. Healing time is from 4-8 wks lacking placing much stress on the knee surrounded by that time (meaning no athletics). If you havent done so already then I would recommend you turn to a sports medicine physical psychoanalyst to learn how to properly strengthen you legs.
might try orthoscopic surgery - own had it done twice on two different tears - worked miracles haven't have any pain or problems since.
my dad have knee promblems and mine are getting weaker and weaker but he have to have surgrey on them but they still hurt after a while and consequently he is ok but yea
sounds like you entail arthroscopic surgery to repair the mcl and also need to net sure your acl is still intact also. the surgery isn't too bad (had mine on may 25th and i returned to work later monday. i still have treatment 3 x's a week and i have to wear a leg brace. NO PAIN

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