A Health Problem... Please Help?!?

Everytime I'd get a drink, not until something like a minute later I'd hold to drink again, because my mouth is almost constantly dry. A couple of weeks ago as I was playing soccer my arms go cold. Freezing cold. Now everytime I sweat my arms, my neck, it feel really cold. What's wrong? Can someone help me?

You stipulation to go see a doctor for sure. There is a colossal range of things that could be wrong but the doctor is the solely person that can treat you anyhow so any way you stipulation to see one. I myself would look though the Internet to try to self diagnose myself but that's a scary charge because patients always regard as the worst. Double check yourself for symptoms and other things. If you feel really dizzy or incredibly tired or even have lots of niggle then you might want to shift to the doctor now. If I be you I would go see a doctor intensely soon.
continue to stay hydrated and label an appointment with your doctor for blood test.
Constant thirst and having to use the bathroom are symptoms for Diabetes but also alot of other things.

Eccrine sweat glands are distributed over the entire body surface, but are specifically abundant on the palms of hand, soles of feet, and on the forehead. These produce sweat explicitly composed chiefly of water near various salt. These glands are used for body temperature regulation. SO adjectives the water you're drinking must be getting sweat out.

There can be something wrong beside your blood pressure. I'm not a doctor, you should ask a doctor but i hope i gave you some sympathetic of good input.
soccer?son not a hundred percent juke you...well adjectives i got to vote is that you are screwed...
I doubt anyone on here could help you next to this -- you need to breed an appt. to see a doctor
It seems you hold skin problem around your mouth area and as resourcefully as your arm. Don't worry, inform your family in the order of this or It is better for you to see the doctor to take checking. Hope you do great playing soccer.

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