2nd Degree Burn, Blister Removed. Please minister to!?

I have a 2nd point burn from the result of a BBQ accident. It blistered and afterwards was ripped sour. It is now crude skin. How should this be treated to avoid infection and heal rapidly? Thanks.

Neosporin and a bandage... but be sure to consent to it breathe once in a while. Eventually, it's going to scab. You'll be OK. I burned myself several times when we moved into our modern house with a fireplace ending winter, and I'm fine now.
topical anti-biotic, neo-sporin next to a clean lint or bandaid. Usually let it breath every time for several ours, then replace near new cold compress and repeat.

If redness, swelling, anguish, etc. continue to increase, wish medical attention.

Keep it clean!
Change the dressing every afternoon. Wash gently, apply antibiotic cream and a verbs dressing. You can buy dressings such as Telfa or Mepital at the drug store if the area is too massive for a band-aid. These dressings won't stick as much as regular gauze. Please don't worry roughly airing it out. Wounds heal much faster when they are kept covered and moist.

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