Are in that any medication or inborn remedies to cure kienbocks disease?

my husband has kienbocks disease which affects the tendons contained by his wrists and causing him severe backache. I want to find something to help him.

Although nearby is no cure, there are several nonsurgical and surgical option for treating this disease. The goals of treatment are to relieve the pressure on the lunate and to try to restore blood flow inside the bone.

Nonsurgical Treatment
The wrist may be splinted or casted for two to three weeks. Anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, will assist relieve any pain and drain swelling. If the pain continues, your physician may refer you to an orthopaedic or foot surgeon for further evaluation.

Surgical Options
There are several surgical options for treating the more-advanced stages of Kienb"ock's disease. The choice of procedure will depend on several factor, including disease progression, activity plane, personal goals, and the surgeon's experience next to the procedures.

In some cases, it may be possible to return the blood supply to the bone (revascularization). This procedure takes portion of bone (graft) from the inner bone of the lower arm. A metal device (an external fixator) may be used to relieve pressure on the lunate and preserve the spacing between bones.

If the bones of the lower arm are variable in length, a cohesive leveling procedure may be recommended. Bones can be made longer using bone grafts or shortened by removing a partition of the bone. This leveling procedure reduces the forces that take on down on (compress) the lunate and seems to halt progression of the disease.

If the lunate is severely collapsed or fragmented into pieces, it can be removed. In this procedure, the two bones on any side of the lunate are also removed. This procedure, called a proximal row carpectomy, will relieve niggle while maintaining partial wrist motion.

Another procedure that ease pressure on the bone is fusion. In this procedure, several of the small bones of the hand are fused together. If the disease have progressed to severe arthritis of the wrist, fusing the bones will reduce affliction and help profess function. The range of wrist motion, however, will be restricted.

Do not hesitate to discuss these option with your orthopaedic or appendage surgeon.
I am studying herbalism now, but not aware with this - I own used this website for other things and it does mention the problem and what he can take. :)

Sorry I am not more comfort! Good luck!
Kienbock's disease or Lunatomalacia is a disease which involves collapse of the lunate due to vascular insufficiency and avascular necrosis. The only set treatments are surgical intervention.

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