Alcohol and discomfort killer?

I've always hear that if you take alcohol and affliction killers it is unpromising. How is it bad for you? What does it do to your body?

You are mixing two downers, not a suitable idea. Actually, it can put to death you. A lot of pain killer do not react okay to being taken beside alchol and the mix will be toxic, that's how bad it is for your body. Your body can travel into a sort of toxic shock. The pharmacist should put a note on the strain killer that say no alchol with the pill. There is a sense for that, it's not just because he doesn't want you to drink. Your body can't withstand the two substances at one and the same time.
If you take alcohol beside Tylenol aka acetominophen it itensify's the liver damage.
Alcohol can interfere next to how medications work contained by your system...maybe too significant or not effective plenty.
i know it's bad for liver and kidneys
but i still delight in the occasional vodka and vicadin
- just don't product a habit of it
liver pull but here is an article...
that can explain it better.
The legitimate reason is that alcohol is a dart and (some) painkillers are sedatives, and you shouldn't bring them together because you get more sedation than might be fitting for you.

It doesn't apply to things like aspirin, tylenol, ibpurofen, etc. Those are call NSAIDS -- non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. They are not sedatives, so they don't interact near alcohol.

But -real- pain killer like vicoden, percoset, etc., those are the ones you entail to be careful beside. When you fill a prescription for these drugs the pharmacist will make clear to you not to drink alcohol when taking them. But I think for a moment alcohol is okay, like a beer or a cup of wine.
If you take alcohol beside pain killer that can kill you! so if you do you should stop without beating about the bush?
mixing alcohol and narcotic pain meds effects your respiratory function and will shut down your breathing center surrounded by your brain.
you will stop breathing or choke to death on your own vomit.

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