A broken bone?

uhh. I think my sister broke a bone...I hold no idea what to do presently. Do we take her to the E.R but it's really postponed or do we wait till tmrw morning and bring her to the family connections doctor? Her arm is swelling. =( What should we do?

It doesn't matter if it's belated...the ER is open 24/7. If you really contemplate she broke it, put ice on it and lug her right now to the ER. Do not lurk until morning. Give her age-appropriate advil to help beside pain and be sure to relate the nurse what strength it was and what time you give it.

Good luck
If it's swelling go within now... departure it without setting it for a long time of year of time can cause lots of wound. Have her hold it close to her body and don't try to push on it... call the ER bargain to the nurse and see what she says if you still aren't sure.
Call her doctor. Most doctors hold answering services that will tell you what to do or even contact the doctor. But if it be me i would take her tonight.

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