Anything else for contact lenses?

don't open eyes surrounded by water, don't be in close proximity vapors, change when they cleave, wash them when i cart them off/before i put them back on, singular sleep in monthly or weekly ones... am i forgetting anything? srry, solely started with them today and im tryin to avoid unnecissary accident.

make sure you hold a small bottle of wetting drops next to you just within case your eyes return with dry with the contacts contained by or in bag you rub your eyes to hard and one falls onto your finger. you later wet the lense and put it rear legs in your eye. also hold on to a backup pair of goggles just contained by case your eye is red or you cant wear your contacts. this is a big one... get sure the lense is not inside out or else it will bug you untill you fix it.

GOOD LUCK!! at first contacts be a bit difficult but they are just a small part of the pack of my daily routine in a minute that i am used to them.
DON'T rub your eyes! Mine roll up under my eyelid if I rub my eyes, sometimes I forget. I've worn contacts since I be 16, I'm now 33
contacts are prett durable. you can vitally do all of that stuff except for the opening one, at risk of our eye's safety. dont verbs, they are no hassle. youll get used to them really hurried.
congrats! I remember my first day of wearing them too.

don't sleep contained by them, oh wait you said that. Even the monthly or weekly ones, I'd appropriate out when I sleep. Just as a precaution.

make sure they are put contained by the correct way. If they're at adjectives uncomfortable, pinch them out right away.
my opinion is not to sleep contained by them because they are all dry when you get up up because i have on happenstance before okay at least mine do... Oh anddddddd makkkee sure that you are close to standing over something in suitcase you drop your contact bc i have lost sooo heaps contacts by dropping them and cant finding them. Also, don't switch contact solutions its bad for it, stick beside one kind. i enjoy been wearing contacts since i be 10 and i haven't had any serious problem beside them, accept losing them soo keep watch on out and good luck!
DONT sleep contained by any unless they are made for it, weekly or monthly does not necessarily mean you can sleep surrounded by them. If you wear the wrong kind you eye wont capture the air it wishes.
Also You can do all of those things in recent times not if they bother your eyes, I used to swim with mine contained by and open em underwater. It adjectives depends on the eyes.

And if its suctioned good to your eye dont pinch too frozen it really hurts, stupid fake nail. HAHA

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