Any Doctors out in attendance?My ear hurts REALLY BAD!! PLZ HELP ME!!?

Okay..I am very adapted with ear infections. Ever since I be a baby I enjoy had severe ear infections. Most of them hold been cause by allergies, sinus infections, and swimming. You name it, it have probably happened to my ear. Today my husband and I have gone to the lake and I own had some allergy issues lately, however, my ears hold not hurt. Then, I went to blow my feeler today and my left ear popped adjectives of a sudden and this intense pain shot thru my ear into my herald. That was roughly speaking 4 hours ago, and my left ear have a horrible intense constant sharp--stabbing pain. Please assistance me.I have already taken some alieve and I hold a heating wipe that I sometimes use. What happened to my ear? How can I catch some relief!

You probably ruptured your tympanic membrane. If you own ear disease anyway, your eardrums are probably very diluted. TM perforations usually make well on their own - if not, a surgical repair is required. You are really doing almost all you can do. Try taking 2 ibuprofen every 3-4 hours and warmness to the ear as you are doing.
You probably have abundantly of pressure build up or you have broken your ear drum. You should shift to your doctor and get it checked out.
If the anguish is this intense, you should really go to a urgent attention facility or maybe and ER. This doesn't nouns normal and you did say aloud that you were familiarized with ear infections. Maybe your ear drum have busted due the constant infections and pressure.
Maybe you should go to see a doctor---as within ER or urgent care?? If nought you have done helps---what are you waiting for.
your within ears need checking out see doctor

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