Anyone tried hypnosis for smoking cessastion?

Did it work?

I tried it. It did not work for me, but I have hear other say it worked for them. I hold tried many times, and several ways, to quit smoking.

My husband and I both quit with the serve of our doctor. He told us about a tentative medicine call CHANTIX. It was THE solution for us.

The tablets makes it really easy to quit. I did not experience the irritability and other horrible symptoms of nicotine renunciation. The medicine really worked for us.

The tablets is a miracle for me. I had a severe heart attack when I be 45 years old. My heart be so badly diluted. I have to quit smoking for a year previously my doctor will put me on a heart transplant list. I am so proud that I be able to see the habit. I enjoy hope for a better future.

Keep your body decent. Don't give up!

Good luck!
I tried it! I presently breathe much better and don't even think give or take a few smoking.
Why try it, when you can stop smoking by yourself? Here is something you can try, and do not cost you anything.

To quit smoking you need to want to quit first. Ask yourself see if you desires to hang around for your love one. There are masses fun things in life span other than smoking. There are masses people to love and be loved. If explicitly not enough for you consequently go drop by a lung cancer hospital and watch lung cancer patients, see how they live and how they die. If you die beforehand your time, we all lost a pious person. But, if you can not breathe, can not work, can not savour anything including smoking; what going to happen on our line? Make up your mind first! If you do not want to quit, there is nil you can do to stop smoking. Just go ahead relish yourself while you can.

Now, this is the most important constituent of stop smoking: Should you decided to stop smoking, do not articulate you want to “QUIT”. Do not see cigarette as enemies; only just say cigarette be my best friend but I do not want to see my best friend anymore. So, may be three weeks later something upset you and you pick up a cigarette and smoke, you would not read aloud “OH! I loosed”. You will be able to read out that “OH! I saw my friend again, but I still do not want to see my friend no longer”.

As far as the felling of no vim, something missing between fingers and desire to light up and smoke a cigarette is solely from short of oxygen. Your body forgot how to breathe due to using mouth to smoke and your lung been cover up. You requirement to relearn how to inhaling and exhaling air from feeler. You need to close mouth and embezzle deep breath extra easier said than done slowly and completely from nose afterwards exhaling slowly and completely. You can do it; we need you. Oh! By the method, swimming, exercise and massages are great give a hand for stop smoking. Source:
My grandpa did and he was a smoker contained by Cuba since he was 16 (and presently he's 69)... it actually did work.
Hypnosos have been set to work but not always. Chantix is your best avenue for dealing next to nicotine withdrawal.

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