A put somebody through the mill something like worker's comp?

I got injured at work within 2004, which has progressively resulted surrounded by tennis elbow in both of my arms today. I have both arms operated on this year to try to correct the tennis elbow. I hired a workers comp advocate to help me along near the paperwork and hearings and stuff give or take a few my case. She told me that 1 year after my end surgery, the doctor will assess the degree of disability vanished in my arms and assign a monetary reward, and that after that reward is given that worker's comp is no longer responsible to fund my injury. Is this correct? My arms are still not heal and I may have a problem near this for the rest of my life (God forbid). What if I entail further physical therapy surrounded by the future, or am forced out of work again because it is flaring up, they won't pocket any further responsibility after funding a reward? I don't even want the reward, I want my arms healed, but if they entail further treatment in the adjectives, I want to know it will be there. Please consent to me know. Thanks!

It is different in every state, but I get money for my injury and scars contained by 2000 and I am still seeing a dr. I have have 6 surgeries from this injury since 1998. They are trying to get me to sign my rights away, but I am terrified to, As long as you don't sign an agreement saying they will hold no more responsibilty,DO NOT LET YOUR LAWYER BULLY YOU INTO THIS, he is just trying to draw from his money now. If you do not quality comfortable, then don't settle. Tell them you want to see a different dr if yours think it is better. They have to agree to you (atleast in NC). Good luck, I know how it is.
The workers' comp law have lately changed in several states. Unfortunately, they haven't changed n favor of the injured worker.
It all depends on what state you live contained by and sometimes, even what county you live in. If your advocate is advising you in the region of the limits of the coverage, it may be correct.
what would start if you don't accept a monetary award? Is that approaching accepting a settlement in a civil skin? If you accept it you may truly be saying that you won't desire further compensation. Ask your lawyer roughly alternatives that will work in your favor instead.
Okay i am combat workers comp right now because i tore my knees from hell and back.i wait and waited to bring a lawyer but immediately that i have one its be great.well my commission is treating me bad but i am getting my money and surgrey remunerated for..If you are still having problems next to your elbows they have to retribution but if you get better and afterwards they start to act up again next no they wont pay for it.so if i be you i would just preserve going to the doc and PT in the long run you will win..workers comp puts up a well brought-up fight but of late keep war back

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