Any direction for war the urge to smoke?

I quit 8 wks ago, and in the second wk I'm finding the urges to smoke again getting stronger. I used nicotine gum, and found after 3 wks I didn't want/need to chew it anymore. I only smokes 10-14 cigarettes /day. I be aware of so much healthier and better, but DAMN I want a cigarette sometimes!

Distract your self.
Know that eventually you wont ever believe of having a cig.
Try brushing your teeth or using mouth swab, sometimes the "taste" of cigs comes back even though you havent be smoking.
(Also take showers and verbs to drink lots of fluids to detox the nicotine out of your system)
If you're out keep cinnamon or clove mints, gum , cinnamon tooth pick etc to chew on.Or those stir sticks that they enjoy for coffee or straws.
Also big help to relieve the anxiety stride, run in place, flounder your arms around etc. and take some gaping breathes for a minute or two.
Also my fave. was - dont chortle - to go outside and blow bubbles...In certainty I still do that when I get really stressed.Kind of fun too!

you've gotten previous the worst part - suspend in at hand.
Oh, I've been through that. It's not fun. What really help me, was I other kept a pen or straw or something to bite on when I had a nic fit. Also, whip 5 deep breaths counting backwards, just about 2 seconds per breath. It should lend a hand.
Decrease secrets day by day example today you had 6 tomorrow enjoy 5 and so on Intel its 1 then 0
I've never smoke as a infatuation but my father used to be a chain smoker until he settled to quit. I remember he used to bring with him plentifully of menthol candies. He successfully overcame the habit. Maybe menthol candies will work near you too as a substitute for smoking until your craving for nicotine will go away.

Apparently the urge to enjoy a cigarette only last 1 minute each time, so I don`t know when you feel the urge you could look at the clock/watch and time 1 minute, knowing the craving will be in motion away after the minute is up might help you to go and get through the urge.

You could even pretend with a straw or similar to comfort you get through it.

Maybe you could try chewing the gum again if it worked for you previously?

I give up 10 years ago and I still get rather craving every 3 or 4 months, but when I actually smell cigarette smoke from someone smoking it make me feel below par, so I don't think I could ever start again, besides I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband would divorce me!

You will get through these urges and revise to just dismiss them over time, but it is not flowing I know.

Best wishes to you :)
Drink water. For me a gulp of hose down immediately get rid of the urge. Not forever, of course, but, long adequate to give me a break. Slow adjectives breathing was also productive.

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