Which is better for stress nouns smoking, drinking, or bottle pills?

My husband does not want me to smoke cigarettes, and I don't want to be someone who deals next to life's problems by eating. Should I travel to the doctor and just update him look I am under ALOT of stress and I call for some relief? What will he do for me? I thought possibly he would put me on nerve pills or anti-depressants. I stipulation some advice. PLEASE HELP!

I purely stopped, because my hubby does not like cigarettes as capably, after years of fighting near my self I found out that yoga, sport, hobbies anything that occupied my mind and soul will do as nouns.
First start with yoga, excellent distress technique, the rest is on you, I do not enjoy magic formula, it is thorny to let cigarettes travel, but I wish you luck and trust me when you start be positive and do not allow to yourself that break time ruin your will because you inevitability Nicotine for stress relief.
I am Manager on extremely stressful duty and I believe if you decide that you can do something suitable in your energy, you'll do it, maybe even better start next to yoga and positive visualization, and than find something that make you ecstatic and that recharge your energy, never depart batteries uniform, never allow other people suck your joie de vivre, go ahead girl you can do it, firs step is the hardest, you are not doing this for your husband but for yourself.

I longing you health, love and great pleasure :)
None of the above.

EXERCISE is the best stress-reduce.
Go on anti-depressants if you're depressed.

If you're just stressed out, muffle the causes of your stress:
complete your projects instead of procrastinating, capture 8 hours of sleep at night, get through 3 healthy meal a day, meditate a few times a morning as needed, excercise, join a support group or catch support by talking to friends, etc.
Try yoga or tai chi.
As a smoker, please do not start this! I agree that walking is a greatly good stress reliever. If that does not appear to help, you may also want to do some wide breathing exercises as anxiety can be from low oxygen to the brain. If these are of no help see the doctor previously you go to an addictive behavior
there's abundantly of other ways to deal beside life's stresses. all of those are sickly. exercise, yoga, a bubble bath, a cup of wine, a night out next to friends..take your pick
Stress is lone relieved by letting it go through exercises, open breathing, and prayer. Your solutions you are asking about are individual like a tie aid covering up the stress and not relieving it.
Scale down your lifestyle: less TV time, more enjoyment, less sugar... things resembling these.
forget that! fresh air, dutiful diet, exercise, and sex are all that you entail to battle stress. It have always be that way. the drug companies and doctors would to some extent turn you into an addict, but adjectives drugs do are MASK the problem..not solve it. take supervision of you emotional and physical vigour and your stress will drop markedly//plus you won't become one of america's lazy and obese
Since you`re so used to putting cigarettes within you`re mouth when you`re stressed it might help beside a sugar-free gum. That way you won`t get through all the time and gain plentifully of weight. It also help to drink something warm, similar to caffeine-free(like rooibos) tea when your getting stressed.
Exercising works really well to, it doesn`t hold to be a lot, it can simply be a little waddle every day.
If you hold a lot of problems quitting and is REALLY stressed it might be best to bargain to a doctor about it.

Good luck.
No, nearby are many stress reducers, even though stress is a pure function of life. These include, endeavours such as jogging, exercise, Yoga, meditation, long chats on the phone next to caring friends, a time at the spa, swimming, facials, a long bubble bath or shower, I could stir on and on.
Everyone reacts to stress differently, and near are varying levels of stress. If simple methods similar to the ones mentioned above do not seem to relieve or counteract the unenthusiastic effects of stress, then you probably do involve to consult your Family Doctor for more information. He/She will likely complete a history uptake, and look at triggers of stress. Moreover, you may be prescribed either acting or long term medication to help you cope. Take Care!
none of these arew honest you might get hooked if you do own to go to dr. get hold of mild medication they are also herbs .are communicate to the lord

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