A artery inside my not here nostril hurts and is swollen. Any unprocessed remedies to lessen the swelling?

I wanna try something homie before the doctors. So please don't suggest that on the other hand. I'm pretty sure i'm exxagerating or its allergies or an infection.

try a dab of some antibiotic cream next to an analgesic
You could try ice pack to bring down the swelling and there are over the counter allergy meds that you can pilfer. You could even put some antibiotic ointment on it if it is open but a nurse, I have to say-------if it continues, jump to a doctor, that is what they are trained for.
You might hold folliculitis (infected hair follicle inside the nose). Clean it economically 2-3 x daily next to warm peroxide (use a Q-tip wet through in it if it's only a small area), then apply some Bacitracin liniment to the area after respectively cleaning.

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