Antidote for a bee sting?

Got stung by a bee swimming today... What is a good cure for this! If it help I got stung on my obverse.

Make a paste of sea and baking soda together, and simply plop of spoonful on the affected nouns. Allow it to dry there (takes roughly 20-30 minutes) and it'll sap everything out of the sting and relieve itching and pain.

If it's on your lead you can try to hold it in place near a band aid.
Make a soft mass out of lawreys meat tenderizer and apply to the sting. Make sure the stinger is removed also. When my neice ( baby) got stung she be brought into the emergency room and this is what they did. Let it sit on the sting for about 20 min.
tea oodles
wet them and apply
really works!
I don't know if you would want to use this on your facade, but I have done it lots times anywhere I have be stung! First of all, trademark sure the stinger is out! Then if anyone around you uses a tobacco product, get some of the tobacco and drizzling it a little and place that on the sting. Leave it here for a little while and replace as needed when it get dry! It does work! Also making a paste out of baking soda and sea will help too if you do not enjoy any tobacco. If you have extensive swelling or trouble breathing, it would be best to stir to the ER for some help! Good luck and I hope you perceive better soon and can enjoy the rest of the July 4th holiday!
Hi at hand.
I saw many home remedies. I am not sure if they work at adjectives.
Some of them might leave a discoloration on the skin. It was on the frontage, wasn't it?
I suggest that if you have any characteristics of allergies, like pollens, you should bring back a pill or shot of anti-histaminic drug. Generally in this compassionate of cases, to avoid the danger of anaphylaxis - acute allergic hostile response - anti-histaminics and sometimes epinephrine(adrenaline) is given.
If you notice red results on your skin, very runny nose, difficulty contained by speaking or wheezing on respiration go to the nearest hospital straight away.
I wish its nil serious. But its better that you should know these things.
Meat tenderizer paste is really devout.

Baking soda is next if you don't enjoy the tenderizer.

They're for a local reaction. If you own trouble breathing, at all, dance to the ER right away.

If the swelling is still uncomfrotable, you can take a benedryl (assuming you aren't allergic to that). It's an antihistimine, blocking the sensitivity that makes your obverse swell.

Hope you had a virtuous day otherwise

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