Antidote for a bee sting?

Got stung by a bee swimming today... What is a good cure for this! If it help I got stung on my frontage.

mud or baking soda and water bond,
Cut a chunk of onion and place directly on the sting make sure the stinger is removed, worked for me a few times
Two remedies I know of, one from my unpaid mother, the other from my late father. Mom other swore by a paste of baking soda and marine. scoop out going on for a teaspoon full, add a few drops of river and stir it with a toothpick. Then smear it on close to ointment -but nice and gooey. As it dries, it's supposed to draw out the stinging, and the stinger if it's there. Dad's treatment be a simple strip of adhesive cartridge. The "Red Cross" brand creates a sort of suction if it's applied to clean, dry skin. Change it after going on for an hour, then will the second one on overnight. When you remove it, there should be some puss contained by the sting spot, and the stinger -if present- should be found sticking to the tape. Some population claim duct tape works one and the same. But I wouldn't trust it on an open wound.
mud! I know it sounds odd but it works. Somehow try and make or get hold of some mud! Rub it on. Someone did that for me when I was 11. I get stung by a bee UNDER THE ARM. And they put mud on it and it relieved the pain right away.

"After Bite" will work too

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