Anybody own any concept on how to achieve put a bet on to sleep after wake up at 2 am?

Turn on your TV (if you have one within your room) very low and it is possible that it will knock you out.
rouse up drink one glass river.if you are married wake your husband up and own love..its really intrsting to male love surrounded by the early morning...except married try mas*****...then sleep will crawl into your eyes..
If its an overthinking problem, a moment ago think of ur cheery place and relax. Youll drift of in no time.
your probably asleep already lol
in good health..just read a book...
judge of a science or a math problem
think of your matured teacher discussion about history close to "in the 1293 the humans discovered..." and youll start yawning
keep under surveillance an old black and white show
I have one and the same problem and I found that if I get up and gain out of bed and sit and read or do something quiet, and enjoy a cup of chamomile tea and a few crackers, I get sleepy again contained by about an hour and I step back to bed. Hope this will minister to you. Godloveya.

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