Anyone know where on earth to seize a sleeping gooey extract that knock you out for a couple hours?

I need a fluid extract for sleeping that would kind of "knock me out" for a couple hours. Some disturbances would be pandemonium and movement. Does anyone know where I can take one online?

Is this for you or some unsuspecting female object?
Like I am really going to tell a babyish man how to get a hold of a fluid that will put someone to sleep for a couple of hours... Shame on you boy..
I'm not sure why you want it to work for a couple of hours, only. If you are have trouble falling alseep, I have found that Benadryl works to trademark me drowsy enough to topple asleep.
You need to be in motion to a physician with this considerate of request.
Well u can go to a pharmacy and pick up sleep eazy it is an over the counter sleeping medication, if it is not available on the shelf you could to be sure talk to the pharmacist who would be more than positive to assist you with your issue.

pilfer care
Doctor might abet..if he trusts you!

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