Am i okay?

I have dull aching in the lower right corner of my stomach, its be like this for 2 days.
Its not sharp distress or tender or anything but I was wondering if i could possibly enjoy appendicitis. I'm 14 and am really worried, my mom just said i probably didn't enjoy if because the pain is not sharp and did not start effective my belly button.

It's always best to see your doctor regardless of the suggestion given here. If you have started menstruating, this could apply to you. Every month when your egg releases from your ovaries, it can motivation some pain. I am aware of this almost every month. It usually ending two days or so.
Go to ER right now! A simple try-out will tell; it may recover your life.
Tell you mom that it would be best if you be seen by a doctor. This could simply be growing pains (yes, this is real) or something more serious. Could also be gas, which is sometimes painful. If it continues, try to travel see a doctor. To let it be in motion could be very chancy.
Don't take any laxatives and see your physician as soon as possible. Take your heat and report the result to your physician when you call to label the appointment. Don't jump around or do too much physically until you've see your physician. If the pain worsens, budge to the ER.
You should go to the doctor of late to be sure!
it's probably not bad. turn to the doctor. that's the best anwser i can give you.

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