Any suggestions for Migraines?

My husband has have migraines since childhood. He takes lots of OTC meds as ably as Imitrex. I am sure his body has gotten used to the OTC meds. He have been checked by MD for other conditions. He uses ibuprofen, imitrex and excedrin mostly. But none of those really work too resourcefully.

As a lifelong migrane sufferer myself, the miracle drug for me has be Topamax. It is a presciption medication that I take twice a daylight that helps prevent a headache from occurring. You can look it up on the internet and then ask your Dr. roughly speaking it, but for me it has be my saving grace!
I own had migraines long time ago...the best item i do to make it shift is take a Panadol, and sleep surrounded by a dark room.
i grasp migraines also.
one tirck i know is using a pen [smallest you have] and rolling it on your middle finger on the top. so below your nail but above the first knuckle.
accupuncture and accupressure are two things i know work economically but are not a quick fix.
Have a look at Migraine Action Association - perchance join it
If imitrex is out of action, he should see his doctor, there are other medication which can be very compassionate. Some have small amounts of barbituates or narcotics within them to alleviate pain, so he should be prepared to rest when he have a migraine. Also, he should avoid caffeine, vinegar and other strong acidic things, as they can trigger a migraine. Good luck!
He should check to see if his migraines are cause by anything like food allergies or too much sun...keep hold of a diary of when he gets migraines and what happen that day. He may also achieve them due to stress. I take naproxen, primarily a kick *** aleve. It works very well, but it's best when i can sleep in a shadows room with a pillow over my obverse...with no nouns or movement. Naproxen is only available by prescription, but ask your doctor if a high-ranking milligram dosage is a good choice for him
Most except all ailment, come about because of what we drink and drink. Our diets. Could be that maybe he is consumption too much fried foods, and or drinking one too many sodas. Check that diet.

Make sure he is drinking and drinking healthier. Also, river is very significant. Not everyone, get migraines. My money is on what he is putting into his mouth to munch through or drink. Good Luck.
I have hear that if migraine suffers increase their niacin intake it will help to releave some of the symptoms. Niacin is B3, or a multi B vitamin may minister to.
There's a new nouns in migraine treatment:
There is this asian remedy you can try. It is called Salumpas. It's a patch that you put surrounded by areas for muscle aches and torment. You would cut 2 small pieces of the patch (square about the size of a quarter) and put it on respectively side of your temple. You can buy this at any major grocery store.
There is a tablets that is used for epileptics call Keppra that is also forceful for those with migraines.
Migraine is really stinging mostly common to women because of monthly term the female hormones change often I hold routine period also in the past and after of my monthly period.I would suggest that he could hold massages at smallest once to two a week to make him quality relax and erase the tension.Of course he wishes to sleep regular hours at least 8 hours.Good diet avoid fatty foods specially MSG.I usually guzzle a lots of Chinese food.I guess that's not good.Its delectable.The food that's healthy have no taste.Taking over the counter medication is not gonna help.Its better for him to try drink coconut virgin grease is a very apt to the body it gives the immune system repair to adjectives sickness this medicine be recommended by Kevin trudeau his book is very dutiful .Its a herbal no side effect. But the best to see a neurologist,and eye specialist.

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