I have be having stomach-ache on my right side.Kind of like be my hip bone is at but a little more up. I tried the together putting your leg up and it doesn't hurt but after a while it starts hurting. I don't know if thats what it is because it doesn't hurt that much but then again I enjoy never had appendicitis so I don't know how much its supposed to hurt. I am also on my extent right now so I dont know if I might be confusing it beside cramps. Ive had this discomfort for quite a while already. Maybe give or take a few a week and a couple of days. I started my period 3 days ago. Could it be it or is it freshly cramps.

It sounds like ovarian affliction. You can get this beside your period. If you own a fever however, later it could be some sort of an infection (ie. appendicitis). A fever is the body's means of access of telling us something is wrong. Just a steam pad or better on the other hand, go for a stroll. Exercise helps greatly for menstrual aching.
NO one on here can tell you what it is or what to do lacking examining you. If the pain bothers you that doomed to failure you need to carry checked out. No one on here can tell you what it is or what to do. Only you can form that call.
Jump if it hurts wen u step go to the doctor immediatly experience if not u might experience difficuly problems

That is the right location for appendicitis. I think you'd better win to a doctor. Do you feel twinge when you press on the area? I surmise that is also a symptom. If not here untreated, the appendix can rupture, spilling the infection into your abdomen. Not to panic you, but it can be fatal. Go to the doctor.
if it be appendicitis your urine will turn dark, may run a disorientation. If you have appendicitis and don't obtain treatment it could rupture. you DO NOT want that to happen. When the stomach-ache gets doomed to failure enough you will hold no choice but to get medical help out. So WHY NOT get it checked past it gets serious??
hi im michele, a nurse. you can start near some over the counter pain releiver. next, i like thermacare pad or a heating wad. it does sound interval related, but if youve never had this type of affliction before please give attention to about going to an md. i take to mean your heistation,really. also, if it were appendicitis, you would enjoy a fever, be surrounded by severe pain and possibly seasick or vomiting. if it seems you are heading that approach, please go to the emergency room. an appendicitis attack is zilch to be ignored. you could crisscross up worse off. but if steam and tylenol helps, consequently your probably okay. if u dont have nouns from this in read out one hour, or you pain go way up-PLEASE GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM ;)michele
It could be appendicitis, it could also be an ectopic pregnancy (if your sexually active), kidney stones, ovarian cyst. You really obligation to be seen by a doctor!
When mine go bad it happen with contained by a day and it hurt so unpromising that i could hardly way of walking and then i go in so if it get that bad travel for sure otherwise i would say try and dawdle it out the only piece is if it is your appendix and it bursts you will be way worse bad so its your call but i would enunciate go within
Do a little testing, Stand on your tippy toes and fall on your heels tricky. If that hurts get to a hospital FAST.

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