A drunk driver hit me boss on?

here we go if any one out within can help me 2 years ago a drunk driver hit me cranium on now i enjoy had my nouns fussed the doctor is going to fuse my lower back because my legs are other feel a sleep the misery that i feel throw out my hole body is to the point complicated to handle but throw out this hole ordeal the lawyer have have ajoy ride by getting there money and insurencs companys are getting theres does any one know what i can do please some one give a hand me with this please

My son & his boss be also hit head-on driving on the highway to work. 100% the other drivers fault. She crossed the nub line. She died at the scene & my son & his friend have very serious injuries. It's be almost 3 years since the accident. Neither of the 2 surviviors are vertebrae to work yet. My son have had 6 leg surgeries and the other guy have had a ton. Our advocate is just immediately starting to work out a deal next to the insurance company. He was not ready to even talk to them until the Dr said everything be as good as its going to get hold of. You're obviously still have problems. Alot of a personal injury settlement would be pain & suffering, but most of it will come from adjectives care, adjectives wage loss. You don't want to settle until the Dr says we've done adjectives we can, it won't get any better than this etc. The final reports will enunciate what you're disability is rated at, and whether your going to suffer long residence problems, like arthititis etc.
ably where is your money havent they settle the sut even so they should have a long time ago.i am sorry for your spasm, you should get a foreign lawyer if you cant receive help from the one you get i think adjectives they are in for is your money . acquire another if you cant trust the one you got angelic luck.

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