Are nearby any "doctors for pay" contained by countries that hold socialized tablets, similar to Canada or France?

I just saw Michael Moore's foreign film, "Sicko", and although the public strength care within the countries mentioned looked perfectly fine, I wonder if doctors who specialize within certain areas (like cosmetic surgery) are allowed to practice and charge. If not, I wonder if cosmetic surgery is covered. Thanks.

I am Canadian. Cosmetic surgery is NOT covered by our social form care system unless it involves your over-all robustness. The cost of cosmetic surgery is about 1/3 of what it is contained by the U.S. so lots of Americans come here to have frontage lifts, etc. There are private clinics popping up - properly - for which you can pay currency and not have to lurk for your turn in the social system. Example, I considered necessary a colonoscopy last winter and be told I would have to hang around about 4 months. I found a private clinic run by a gastro-interologist surrounded by Montreal who would provide this test for $450 next to a 5 day dawdle. I went pay for to my original Dr. and made it come across like an emergency that I hold this test, exaggerating my systems. He put me first surrounded by line and I have the test in a week in the regular system. So, to answer your cross-question, it depends. You have to know how to "work the system". But ancestors are NOT dying in the emergency rooms as a previous answer indicated. That happen in L.A. to a poor Latino woman. In Canada, if you hold an emergency, (heart, diabetes, etc.) you are put to the front of the line. With 30 million Americans uninsured for vigour care . . . I am grateful for our system and I would push for Americans to make some hum and fix yours.
Socialized medicine systems are not equal in adjectives countries. The short answer to your question is yes.
Yeah surrounded by canada "i live here" you can pay to own elective surgeries done same as anywhere else. And contrary to what moore believes, in my hometown of 12,000 culture the hospital which services about 40,000 family is closed overnight quite repeatedly. This is due to the pay that they recieve here as unwilling the states so we get second class and first time doctors here.
The vigour care systems contained by those countries are not perfectly fine.

People die while on the waiting enumerate for care. The system is run by the system. What else would you expect?

Yes, there are "doctors for pay" surrounded by countries with socialized medication, and anyone who can afford them uses them. (You can't get out of paying for the socialized drug though, even if you don't use it.)
If you are not a Canadian Citizen or Legal Resident then you must income for your visit to Doctors bureau.

I was diagnosed near Diabetes while I was within Canada 2004, I had to settle for all lab test and Doctors Visits, also My Daughter was once nick to emergency and had two hours of daylight stay in Hospital when she be just 2 years weak. I had to wages all those bills as okay.
I live in Canada and we don't hold any private medical clinics where you can clear for services... Well at least within are no legal ones. Personally I would love to own the choice between free health aid and private care as economically. While its free to get a CT scan or an ultrasound it may rob up to 1 year to get to the front of the long waiting catalogue and by then it may be too postponed for medicine to intervene. It would be nice to know how to pay for services contained by a private clinic...That being said, I still consider our health safekeeping system is wonderful for being free.

As for specialized doctors they lone charge for services that aren't covered by the government, such as cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is with the sole purpose free if it is deemed critical (like after an accident or something).
Yes in attendance are doctors in Canada who will provide services for remuneration. They cannot charge Canadian citizens, but they do charge americans. The like it when you pay packet cash so they can put it right into their pocket.
Yes. Usually, surgery and strength care to be precise not "necessary" to your good robustness (like cosmetic surgery) are not covered, you have to settle.

I did not see that movie but I can assure you that the system is far from being immaculately fine. There are not enough doctors, some hospitals enjoy serious hygiene issues, the waiting list is incredibly long (it usually take around 2-3 hours just to grasp to see a doctor at the Emergency!) and since they are paid by the senate, doctors have a quota to respect. They cannot practice more than the authorized inhibit... (So the government doesn't enjoy to pay millions to some of them)
Yes, surrounded by the UK there are both NHS and private practice doctors - heaps of them work as both.

The NHS is a shambles, not because of lack of funding but because of rampant beurocracy, but compared to HMO's surrounded by the USA it's a Godsend.

btw, I didn't know Sicko had be released, I'll certainly monitor it. Even if I sometimes disagree with Michael Moore he's a brilliant film-maker.
not every medical service contained by Canada is free.
lasik eye surgery, dental, eye care, cosmetic surgery and other things are not covered.
children below 12 years old are covered for dental and eye consideration and after that you need to remuneration out of pocket or have insurance to cover the expense.
Also f you inevitability to go to an out of province hospital for a surgery because your local hospital doesn't do that precise surgery you have to clear for your own airline tickets and accommodations.

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