Are my chest pains really a short time ago heartburn?

Over the past few days I've be getting pains—more of a burning—in my chest. I figured it could basically be heartburn, but I thought that only occur in the center of your chest. The burning I'm getting is to the gone. It has me worried, and truthfully, my anxiety may be making it worse. I -have- be nearly throwing up a lot just now, which I figure could've brought this on, and since it's started I've be getting feelings of something rising low in my chest (like bitter or food). This even happens when I burp—it feel like I'll throw up when I do.

Am I right in the region of this being heartburn? I'm childish and I'm not overweight, so I doubt it's a heart attack or something like that.

Stress does grotesque stuff to us. The pain could be simply gas, repeatedly mis-self-diagnosed as a mild heart attack. But you shouldn't get med suggestion from Yahoo. Your acid (reflux or not) may be burning some tissue. Go see a Doc for it (or a Shrink for your Anxiety).
first of adjectives heart attacks dont know age or weight , they can and do transpire to over 400,000 people every year.

usually sharp burning pains are more than plausible to be acid reflux or heart burn. its the dull crushing pains that we associate beside a MI. that being said , if it presist , wake you in the middle of the darkness or progresses go see your doctor. business of fact travel see your doctor anyways , it could be something simple but why risk it?
Symptoms could indicate a gall bladder problem (stones), or other digestive related condition. If the pancreatic fluids capture blocked in your impudence bladder from stones, it doesn't get to the stomach where on earth it is needed to digest the food. Very easy to diagnosis, and treat if done EARLY! If this is your problem, it WILL NOT CORRECT ITSELF, and can organize to all posture of complications. Please see a doctor without suspension!
Definitely go to see a doctor because it could be of late heartburn, but it could be something more. I was have chest pains about a year ago and I thought I be having a heart attack. I be under alot of stress at work and my doctor have me admitted to the hospital for overnight only to make sure at hand was zilch wrong. Luckily it was heartburn/stress.

I hope that you start awareness better!

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