After abdomoinal surgery what is the best approach to pedal the ruthless gas pains?

try pain killer to start! then possibly something like peppermint tea, that soothes the bowels. Not sure where on earth you live, but here in AUS at hand is an over the counter remedy called de-gas, it neutralises the heavens bubbles in your stomach and bowel and help with bloating/cramping
where on earth ere ye be...let the twirl blow free...
Longer term:
Knowing that if this be microscopic surgery, that they filled you up near gas to do the surgery and it will pass within a few days.
Shorter term:
Buscopam or simethicone work wonders for gas cramps.
Try something simple resembling Peppermint Cordial - works wonders.
I had unpromising gas pains after my c-section and my sister-in-law had like peas in a pod thing next to her hysterectomy-try getting up and moving around a little to return with things going. I didn't believe the nurse at first when she told me that the massive sharp pain contained by my side was gas!
Pain Killers can mete out constipation, hence gas pains.
Try re hyDrating yourself and with the relief of your dr taking less misery meds will take attention to detail of your problem

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