Can Smoking Printer Paper hurt you?

so just for fun me and a friend put Crystal desk light inside of rolled printer paper and smoked it. so can the printer newspaper or the crystal light hurt us ( more than smoking already does?)


You and your friend entail to seriously find someone with some weed. Or at the thoroughly least get hold of some salvia, it's cheap and readily available over ebay.

I can't suppose that paper is appropriate for you, but it isn't exactly going to make you drop and start convulsing on the floor any. Paper is around every cigarette and joint and have yet to be the create of anyone's cancer, it's the plant inside the paper that counts.

As for crystal frothy I have no hypothesis, I have never hear of anyone smoking it. Did it do anything for you? I'm curious. You are talking almost the drink mix right?
Come on, what are you gonna do next, spark up some pixie stix? That's a short time ago silly.
hahaha what?? don't do it again its not healthy
hmm sounds lemony tasty. i'm sure the crystal light isn't that correct, or the paper since it's bleached, but you're probably fine.
lol...omg to funny... Printer Paper huh... in good health i cant see that it would do you any good thats for sure.. my addvice to you would enjoy to be stop smoking printer paper... omg i cant believe that you asked that cross-examine..

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