Anyone have upper hindmost backache contained by disappeared shoulder blade region? I've tried almost everything! What else can i try?

You don't say what you've tried. You can attain pain and muscle spasms in attendance just because your baby grand is set too high and holding your arms up it cause strain. It can be poor posture. I would make an appt beside a chiropractor who has a chafe therapist on staff and get hold of some adjustments and low tissue massage.
Wow, my boyfriend have the same exact piece, he has be to a number of doctors and it have actually get to the point of nerve tracking. I would try boil therapy to loosen it up and cold psychiatric help to reduce any minute swelling that could be irritating the nerves, also try taking an anti-inflammatory (like tylenol), do regular stretching, also try and return with in some wispy upper body weight training. Also, see your doctor.
You don't read out what you have tried I don`t know if you could elaborate I could suggest something. I too suffer near back misery and there isn't a great amount out within to help. But I hold heard of a topical thing give the name physical therapy. Meant to be great for torment relief.
chiropractor straightened me right out. Bones and allignment are their speciality.

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