Whats the best cure/remedy for shin splints?

they hurt a lot.

Prevention, fairly than cure, should always be your first aim.

I work within ortho and read through the below article. Lots of helpful info here, including this piece:

"How to Treat Shin Splints!
Firstly, be sure to remove the cause of the problem. Whether is be a biomechanical problem, or an overload problem, kind sure steps are taken to remove the cause.

The original treatment for shin splints is no different to most other soft tissue injuries. Immediately following the onset of any shin misery, the R.I.C.E.R. regime should be applied. This involves Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Referral to an appropriate professional for an accurate diagnosis. It is critical that the R.I.C.E.R. regime be implemented for at tiniest the first 48 to 72 hours. Doing this will give you the best possible haphazard of a complete and full recovery.

The subsequent phase of treatment (after the first 48 to 72 hours) involves a number of physiotherapy technique. The application of heat and rub is one of the most effective treatments for speeding up the salutary process of the muscles and tendons."
I agree shin splints are very sore. Best advice to you....rest and rime. Ice them for 15 minutes after working out, wait an hour to hour and a partly and repeat.
An athletic therapist will lug small styrofoam pads to your shin for running or pounding buzz that makes it worse. In the be a sign of time, get those muscles surrounded by shape. While you're just sitting around, achieve two containers, one with marbles, one minus. Pick up the marbles with your toes and drop it contained by the other container. Or lay out a hand towel, put your foot on it and verbs it towards you with your toes.. repeat this. Do these exercises a few times a hours of daylight. It will help correct the problem.

Also, wear proper shoes. You might even involve orthodics (insoles)

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