I can't sleep when I exercise, what can I do?

I started walking and jogging on the treadmill for around an hour a day three weeks ago. I do this some time between the hours of 4pm and 7pm.

That dark I won't be able to sleep. I try to get hold of to sleep about 9pm and rouse up at 5am but I won't be able to go down asleep until 12am to 2am and I'll also wake up 2-3 times during the hours of darkness before my alarm go off.

If I purloin a sleeping aid (Tylenol PM) I can fall asleep going on for 11 to 1am but I still wake up several times at darkness. I skiped two days on the treadmill last week and I'm competent to sleep perfectly.

What can I do to sleep better at hours of darkness and still keep my substance loss plan?

-I have one cup of coffee M-F contained by the morning, two cups now that I can't stay awake at work
-I don't drink any other caffine contained by the day, including soda
-I own an office charge
-I can't change that I receive up at 5am
-I am exhausted when I go to bed

Thanks for any proposal you have! :)

I use melatonin, you can find it at your crude foods stores and it works like a hot damn! try that.
You cannot exercise that behind in the time and expect to be able to sleep. I would start getting up an hour faster and working out then. That agency the energy return will come surrounded by the late morning or hasty afternoon instead of keeping you awake until all hours of the dark.

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