Any philosophy on why my vanished big toe is numb?

For the past two days, my disappeared big toe has be numb. It doesn't hurt. Its not swollen. It is not turning colors. I don't think it have to do with shoe size because the numbness occur when I'm wearing shoes or even when I'm lying in bed at darkness. I don't have any of the other symptoms of diabetes.
Right in a minute, it feels resembling my toe is asleep. I can still feel pressure if I press on it. Any planning?
Is this something serious enough to bother my doctor near? I don't have profusely of money and a large deductible.

You should see a doctor. It sounds resembling you have poor circulation contained by your toe. This may be an early symptom of some mode of vascular problem.
two days you say.i deliberate its time to visit your doctor pronto
I own the same item, except both of my big toes are numb. Mine only happen at night while I am lieing within bed. What do you think it is?
I'm greatly concerned about your condition. Before seeing a doctor why don't you try this. Mix some brackish in thaw water ( definite warm but not hot). Foment the artificial area ifor 20 minutes . Repeat 2-3 times contained by 24 hours or more if you find some improvement. End the fomentation next to massaging some anti inflammatory gel approaching Volini.
If it doesn't help for two days - after rush to a doc.

On a lighter note - does it hold something to do with deficient dissertation Ms Grad :) All da bst for that.

the situation that u r in...might be because of the reality that u r unknowingly putting pressure ont he tioe...or it may be becoz of some serious health issues related to heart or even nerves...i would suggest u not to embezzle a chance next to this but to visit the doc as i surmise this needs medical attention. as i hear of the carpel syndrome but i am not sure whether it happens for foot as well or not!

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