A ski boot give me black big toe staple and it fell bad. Will it be average?

What's left underneath looks approaching a blackish, thin staple that only covers a bit of of my big to (from "root" to half the toe) and it doesn't even shift to the sides of the toe. It's about dime-sized. The rest of the toe tip looks close to regular skin. Will my toe nail grow support to cover rest of my toe, or is it permanently undermined to a dime sized area? (I know I involve to replace my awful new ski boots.)

It will grow vertebrae to "normal" very soon. Finger and toenails grow contained by a circular pattern (hence the "lunula" to be precise at the bed of the nail), but it will take time. Your biggest problem right immediately is going to be keeping an eye out for the nail becoming ingrown. You may also consideration that the nail is more diaphanous at first...this will resolve itself, too.

Best of luck and happy curative!
yup. just put a bandaid so it is not sensitive
Yes it will grow pay for but will take time. That happen to me years ago and it took me almost 6-8 months and the bruise started far back from the "visible" root. Sorry that happen to you...

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