12 years weak and sickkkkk?

ok so like 2 weeks ago i go to the doctors because my elbows & wrists hurt really bad and my vein were showing up black through my skin. he said it is a moment ago parvovirus and should go away on its own. Now you can see my vein even more and all of my joint hurt. I also have a doomed to failure cough, headache, and when ever I cough my stomach hurts really bad. My wrists, fingers, elbows, knees, and ankles adjectives hurt really bad! My mom said I simply have the flu and this parvovirus but I dont focus so. Im 12 what should I do? plus i have bruises on my arms that come from nowhere?

I agree near US Govt, you have the symptoms of parvovirus B19 and you probably get it at school. The spasm in your joint is a temporary arthritis call arthralgia. Yes it hurts really bad, I know because I've have it myself. I could hardly return with myself dressed (in fact I needed oblige sometimes) and I couldn't even change my baby's diapers. Your mom could perchance ask your doctor about an analgesic to support. Joint pain usually last 1-3 weeks.
This virus usually starts with hallucination and feeling sick and is mostly surrounded by your bloodstream.
If you are African-American and have sickle blood cell, you will need to walk back to your doctor. Otherwise YOU WILL BE FINE!
It will purely take time.
I will be thinking of you!
Tell ur parents and construct them take u to the hospital
You involve to go see the doc right immediately. Tell you mom if she doesn't take you to the doc you are calling someone to appropriate you. You tell her you enjoy gotten advice from a nurse that say you should be seen by a doc tonight for safekeeping sake. You have more than the flu and parvovirus.
Pavro virus is something dogs own! It is NOT transferable to humans. What game are you playing?
Easy bruising could be a moment ago something that is cut of the parvo, but there are a couple of serious things it could be.
Tell your mom a inquisitive nurse, suggested this, and that it doesn't mean I reflect on she's a bad mom or anything.
It's sturdy to understand, but when you are twelve, sometimes it seem like culture are not understanding you, or believing you when they if truth be told are, so try talking to your mom around the bruises, and tell her what you are worried in the region of,(or scared about), but please do it sensibly.
When you are your age, your body has an amazing skilfulness to heal, so try not to verbs too much. Hope you get economically soon!
People can get parvo, the usual things to do for that are _rest_ and get through right. The doctor may have explained more in the order of it to your mom, or both of you but it 's hard to listen and remember sometimes when you are upset.
Well you probably own Parvorius B19, which shows up as Fifths disease aka erythema infectiousum, these symptoms will last bout 1-3 weeks and later should resolve. As long as you dont have sickle cell disease, or another hemiglobinopathy you should be ok :-)

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