Ah! My foot fell asleep! What should I do?!?!?

This could be a great moment for you. Experience the pain! Suffering is said to build guise. Is pain in reality painful, or is this this freshly a conditioned mental response? Is it less cramp than a burn but worse than a mosquito bite? Analyze the reality even of the situation. Exclaim, with the great philosopher, "Pain, though art not an evil!"

P.S. It speaks much of the consequence of life, that by the time you get hold of all the answers to your examine, the cause of the examine shall have passed away.
Wait for it to rouse up, move it to a different position.
Whatever you do, don't follow that guy around who has a shuffle.
(Seinfeld anyone?)
Stimulate the blood circulation by walking around.
stand up
walk around on it
manipulate it
Stand up. You were probably adjectives off circulation within the position you were sitting.
Jump on it ;) tingles at first but you'll rouse up ur foot that way.

PS. Can someone answer my request for information?
Allow the blood to flow back into it, that is to say why it fell asleep in the first place. It will wake up back up.
Stand on it.
you should freshly walk on it to cause the blood flow! but if its asleep for a looooong time then you're surrounded by trouble!
cut ur foot off! okay then again..that might not be a smart conception..oh! oh! i kno! maybe u should stop man so lazy and go and get off of the computer and nick a walk..hang about that wont work either..hmmmm...im outta accepted wisdom..sorry

stomp ur foot on the ground like a maniac resembling ur coocoo banannas! (from Manny on Degrassi)(woo-hoo ((sorry)) ) and smack the heck out of it till it wakes up!! virtuous luck with that!!
Stand up & stomp your foot on the ground complicated 3 times. It will tingle somewhat for a bit, but you & your foot will be wide awake.
Hit it next to a hammer.

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