34 weeks and flexeril?

Okay .. so I was prescribed flexeril at 33 weeks gestation. I will be 34 weeks on thursday (5th).

My cross-question ... I know that I wouldn't have be prescribed if it wasn't to benefit from the medicine. I am definetly benefitting from it .. but I am have side effects of extreme irratibility and fatigue. My baby also have been moving smaller amount .. but he's still moving enough to be assured that he's okay.

I be put on a ten day dosage of the tablets which will be up on monday next week. The problem. I can't brand it through the day in need the medicine immediately. Tylenol wasn't cutting the strain .. and now minus the flexeril I can't go in need it. I normally don't get hold of dependent on medicine ...

I be prescribed this medicine for falling down the stairs and popping my gone pelvis out of place and messing up alignement surrounded by my back ..

should I hail as my doctor and tell her more or less the side effects? I hate taking this pills BTW .. makes me perceive like crap!

What you want is a good chiropractor.
you should definetly hail as your doctor also check out a natural product stem cell nutrients this product will definetly relieve you heal and mitigate the pain if you check this out and contact me i will carry you the answer as to whether you can use while pregnant i BELIEVE YOU CAN BUT i WOULD CHECK ON YOUR BEHALF www.wanesweb.com waynesweb@earthlink.net

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