Ahh my ear is clogged?

About 5 minutes ago, I was watching Hanna Montana and my ear simply randomly clogged. It doesn't hurt, but it feel like it is bursting with wet, and I can't hear out of it. Gahhh I can't stand it! What should I do?

Ear Candles. They are shaped like a funnel and you stick the small conclusion in your ear. Someone lights the top pause on fire, and it will create a suction.

I also do the plug my proboscis and try to force air out of my feeler...you will hear popping if it's working.
try to use hydrogen peroxide let it bubble within your ear for like 5 mins also see if u enjoy ear cleaner medicine
Tilt your come first to the side as if water be in it, sometimes it happen when your too close to the speakers playing loud music. But if shaking your head, trying to achieve water out doesn't assistance, see your doctor and they should be able to let somebody know you.
Olive oil will loosen the wax within your ear thereby making it easier to remove.

A Yahoo search for "olive oil" + "ear wax" (OR earwax OR "ear + wax") should detail you much more.

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