What's wrong next to my joint?

My hands, legs, wrists, vertebrae, shoulders, feet, elbows and ankles adjectives pop.
My hands pop at the first knuckle at any given time.
My knees pop adjectives the time and if I sit indian style then my legs pop up by my hips.
My rear legs always pops and when I lay down flat it cracks awfully.
My toes pop constantly and my right big toe can similar to go strange.
My shoulder jumps inconsistent constantly and recently its started to hurt.
My ankles pop lots too.
If I resembling throw my elbow out it cracks as well.
I'd enunciate everything pops an average of 10 times a day, respectively.
What could be the problem here?
Now everything hurts when i do this, but it also hurts if i don't!

If it matters I'm a 13 year ancient girl.
Thanks In Advance !

Answers:    this link will lend a hand you

Are your joints lubricated? How give or take a few you move and excerise that might help.

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