Anyone else foreboding the cold at the moment?

its sooooooooo cold may have to put the heat on- its supposed to be summer- fuel bill is going to be high. anyone else idea the cold.

I am freezing - but so far I have refuse to put the heating on contained by Summer!! I think I might enjoy to though - soooooo cold!!
my house is hot... but yeah can't believe its JUNE! nearly July!! i need to shift and live somewhere else than england!
i live in Scotland and it nice and thaw, so no i don't feel cold
Apparently in attendance is snow on the hills up north (Scotland) - it's July subsequent week! :-(
I am in sc, and it be over 90 degrees today. But I am sentiment a chill right now, I enjoy the air cut down genuine low!
I'm wearing a cardigan!
I had the heat on and also lit the fire.
no my man keeps me melt just cuddle up to yours x
we get the fire on Brrrrr. going away friday cant stand it no more.
It was for a while chilly earlier. But it's warm up a bit & now it's OK - 110F, here within Phoenix, AZ. Been gardening this aftgernoon - I go out for 10 minutes, next cool off for 50 minutes & afterwards repeat.
You might have caught a cold hence your frenzy like symptoms.Drink ginger tea-it'll thaw you up.

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