Is it doomed to failure for your form to sleep on a sofa bed every dark?

Yes because your not getting the deepest sleep you could be getting on a good bed. And Your body isn't contained by the position that it should be.
it depends on the size, and how comfortable it is.
if its big enough and soft ample, i dont see a problem.
Depends who you are sleeping with.If its me consequently yes! lol
Only if your sleep is regularly disturbed.

i dont think it is fitting to sleep on a regular one but if it is a pulled out one its should be ok
just put lots n lots of cushions and pillows!
Did it for months. Didn't hold a bad effect on me.... long as you are getting your quota of sleep you are doesnt event what you sleep on..if its comfortable & doesnt disturb you - thats all that matter!
I don't think so. Only if you sleep contained by a wrong position maybe your put money on or your neck would be sore.
It really depends on whether you own a good mattress on the sofa bed or not. It's other best to check if it's an every day sofa bed or occasional use. I know Argos index this in their file for one.

I had a sofa bed from when I be 16 until I was just about 20 or 21 as I wanted a double bed but never really have the space for one and a sofa bed was my best remedy, and I've not suffered anything from it, personally.
explicitly not good for your vertebra because it doesn't support your vertebra properly .for long permanent status u ll get fund pain.
no not as long you are getting perfect quality sleep.
cant be apt

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