Are in attendance any ways to prevent d¨Ścolletage pains while working contained by a kitchen?

i work in a kitchen and right in a minute my neck is slaughter me. is there anything i could do minus getting a neck pat

I am 6'4" and used to know both back and nouns pain. I have a good infirm country doctor tell me a few years ago how to stop my vertebrae pain. First rule is to hold on to your back and nouns straight by lowering your body with out bending over. When at your work station throw on leg wager on behind you. Your other knees will bend to compensate and you just lowered yourself in need stressing your neck or rear legs. If you own the place, you can install knee boards so that you can curtsy and perform your cooking.
wear kitchen clogs. I hear chefs used them to keep hold of not only their foot comfortable, but it also keeps the spine aligned.

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