Anyone get a clue as to why chapstick wind up into the lid when within your pocket?

It never winds down! I've be carrying some kind of lip balm within my pocket since I was 13,(now 47) and enjoy cleaned out about four lid a year. Anyone have an answer?

I own acually tried expiriments like this when you saunter the bottom of you pocket moves and winds it up. Try walking backwards next to it in you pocket it wind down.
So you will have to progress buy more.
when it gets hot, it melt into the lid and there ya progress.
Whaddya gonna pick?!?

Hot Pocket!

I'd say it get hot riding around in your pocket and it melt.

Put it in a purse or desk or something.
I can't envision what is so important. If it isn't any fitting any longer; throw it out and get some more. It's of late chap stick.
because it is melt in your pocket because it is hot contained by your pocket.
Because chapsticks have a low melt temperature, so when they are contained by your pocket (usually a higher-than-room-temperature location) they can melt. Girls can slickly avoid this by putting chapsticks in a purse instead of a pocket, but for guys, you should try putting the chapstick contained by your pocket so that the lid is the highest point of the chapstick. That path, if it melts it will not pour into the lid of the chapstick.

Hope this help!

...also "chapstick" brand chapsticks don't seem to hold as hard a time beside melting as other brands. Not sure which you use.
So romantic! It is a conspiracy concocted by the chapstick corporations to get you to leftovers more chapstick than you actually use, afterwards you have to buy more, so boosting their profits.

Simple really!
it gets reheat in your pocket and melt.
it's most likely due to melt & your movement possibly turning the thing at the bottom

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