Anyone out near suffering from TMJ?

I have be suffering from TMJ for a long time now. I have braces put on my teeth and scheduling for jaw surgery surrounded by September. I was wondering if any of you enjoy had a unforgivable time with the condition insurance companies paying for it. Any feedback would be great!

Absolutely! I have TMJ pretty severely, and it's complicated by the certainty that I have an extremely hyper gag reflex. I can't wear a splint or a hours of darkness guard because I gag it out in the dark. I need a condylotomy, the surgery where on earth they seperate the part of the cheek bone with the reciprocated from the part of the jowl bone with the teeth, to completely relieve the distress and popping in my jowl. Sometimes my jaw also locks spread out temporarily and then pops hugely and closes, which is insupportably painful. The condylotomy would fix this as powerfully. BUT, I've never had an insurance company that be willing to earnings for it. The only insurance I've ever have that would even pay for ANY type of TMJ treatment didn't cover the condylotomy even though my oral surgeon wrote several correspondence verfying medical necessity. Instead, I've had 6 arthrocentesis procedures, which work for a while. Now, I'm within pain nouns for a different issue so it's not really necessary anymore since I can control the discomfort. If your insurance is being a stomach-ache about the surgery, ask your doc around the arthrocentesis. It's a procedure where they put a nozzle in the amalgamated, draw off the fluid built up within the joint, and put within steroids and novacaine. (You can choose to be put under for the procedure, which I recommend... I have it awake once and it hurt like a bastard!) It works moderately well for a stopgap fix, maybe it would save your pain beneath control until the insurance eases up on the purse strings.
Me but dont own problems to bad. I only just keep taken my muscle relaxers.
the with the sole purpose reason i can contemplate that they might not want to cover tmj is the various possible cause. i had it pretty fruitless a few years back. mine be supposedly caused by stress. anyway, if you chew gum, afford it up. try to eat foods that don't require a large level of chewing resembling steak, abbazabbas, taffy, high cellulose foods similar to celery. try warm compresses on your jowl bone where u enjoy pain. one point that worked well for me be to open my chin, hold my chin to pull my mouth interested, and use my jaw muscles to try to close my mouth. this worked great for me, i go from fitting a pencil between my teeth all the route to a big mac. surgery seems startling, i recommend going to a physical therapist
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Hope this helps.

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