Are tanning bed sheltered for teens if they dont dance regularly?

Some parents dont let here teens go to tanning bed because of the risk of skin cancer, but is it really that bad to shift to the tanning bed if you go once a week?

Once a week is still abundantly - EVERY time you expose your skin to UV rays like that, you are doing irreversible mess up. Every single time you tan, your skin produces more melanin, which is the substance that can front to melanoma - skin cancer.

You might as well be asking if smoking is nontoxic as long as you only do it once a week. It's not.
no.gain a spray tan or use jergens crude glow...ive tried that and im really flaxen and it works pretty well
Tanning bed are not safe for anyone for any amount of time. I wouldn't use one and I without a doubt wouldn't let my minor use one. Try the spray on tans or a self tanning lotion.
come live in trinidad. fluent non cancerous tanning all year round.
No, tanning bed aren't safe even for a time bit. Sure that tan may look great presently, but even if you don't get skin cancer, you will feel sorry when your face looks close to a catchers mitt at 30.
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