Alcohol,detox hypnosis.?

HELP ineed help to stop drinking, i am on a librium detox but i believe a self hypnosis programme similar to paul mckenna will give support to.can i download such courses,this is my 3rd detox but it will be my last,please serve,please no wisecracks i am asking for your minister to.

Hello, well done so far!

From a Christian point of outlook, hypnosis is actually wrong - I dream up the main reason being you're not surrounded by control of yourself, and it also "opens a door" to the devil. I'm doing some research on it at the moment - asking a few Christians I know etc because it's come up at work, and I said I'd come vertebrae to one of the directors about it. If you resembling I could e-mail you when we've finished.

Anyway, coming back to the drinking issue, could you try other alternatives. Prayer and support from the church is something I'd outstandingly recommend. I know this is a bit different, but I recently met some individuals involved in a Christian ministry contained by Hong Kong where God frees various many population from heroin addictions (I ruminate other addictions too) - mostly short going through cold turkey! (Yeah, there is seriously of support from Christians working there - both prayer and practically, but it's still pretty cool.) Apart from that, yeah the AA... if you're already on a detox, it sounds approaching you've probably already found out about other things to sustain, talked next to your doctor etc.

Lots of love, keep on near that detox :)


Just go to aa meeting
I am a firm believer of Hypnosis, but there is one issue; Hypnosis can relieve you remember something, bring back memories . but it can not transformation you against your will.
If you have be in detox and fall through, this means you drink to seize out of another issue (relationship, divorce, work, money.)
Hypnosis can help you to gain this out, then and just then you will be capable of face you situation near the drinking. Try a profesioal Doctor some can do Hipnosis on therapeutic sesions. Do not try recordings or books.
Good Luck and Good Bless you.

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