Alcohol,detox hypnosis.?

HELP ineed help to stop drinking, i am on a librium detox but i believe a self hypnosis programme similar to paul mckenna will help.can i download such courses,this is my 3rd detox but it will be my last,please help,please no wisecracks i am asking for your help.

Hello, well done so far!

From a Christian point of view, hypnosis is actually wrong - I think the main reasons being you're not in control of yourself, and it also "opens a door" to the devil. I'm doing some research on it at the moment - asking a few Christians I know etc because it's come up at work, and I said I'd come back to one of the directors about it. If you like I could e-mail you when we've finished.

Anyway, coming back to the drinking issue, could you try other alternatives. Prayer and support from the church is something I'd highly recommend. I know this is a bit different, but I recently met some people involved in a Christian ministry in Hong Kong where God frees many many people from heroin addictions (I think other addictions too) - mostly without going through cold turkey! (Yeah, there is a lot of support from Christians working there - both prayer and practically, but it's still pretty cool.) Apart from that, yeah the AA... if you're already on a detox, it sounds like you've probably already found out about other things to help, talked with your doctor etc.

Lots of love, keep on with that detox :)



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