After injesting oxycodone 30mg er how long does it nick until you can drive or operate machinery?

Safely.12 to 24 hours.
To my knowledge, that's a 12 hour pill
With any medication, it is called for that you first observe how you take action to it. People's reactions to medication can alter widely.

Don't get trailing the wheel of a coup¨¦ until you assess how alert or sleepy you feel 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, etc. after taking the Oxy.

People also tend to underestimate their scope of impairment. Think about it this route - how comfortable would you be sharing the road with a being who had your level of alertness or sleepiness? Do you trust that they'll stay in their lane, or drift and hit you next to their 3000 lb. vehicle traveling at 60 mph?

Your safety, your passengers' sanctuary, and the safety of ancestors you share the road with must be your first consideration. If AT ALL contained by doubt, don't get at the back the wheel.

And a record to deltaqueen: Why do you assume the person asking this request for information doesn't have a prescription for this medication?
It's so disastrous when you guys feel similar to its okay to ask questions similar to this on here.
What kind of backing are you really looking for, because, obviously you aren't a conscientious character if you are firing drugs into your body illegally. And risking your enthusiasm everytime you do it.
I'm so sorry you have chosen to do this to yourself, please deliberate about getting yourself some lend a hand before it is too belatedly or before your go is so unmanagable you will wish it be too late.

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