[In this case], how long before I'm sensitized to nicotine (cigarettes) again?

A very limited scenario, but I'm just curious. Before this week started I smoked a cigar in the month of May (which obviously doesn't cout now). Two days ago I smoked one cigarette and yesterday I smoked three. Today I smoked one (well, it's still morning), but what I wanted to know is how long it would take for me to become sensitive to the effects of nicotine once more if I decided not to smoke another cig from this point forward. (yesh, my prose is a little messed up but w/e.)

I guess another way of asking is, how long would it take for me to build up reverse tolerance to nicotine from this point forward? (And as a bonus, how could I resort to minimal tobacco use while getting that fantastic first-timer's experience?)

thanks, and please tell me if the way i'm phrasing my questions are in any way off. [i'm feeling kinda stupid today. X__x]

That first-timer's experience of nausea, coughing and closing-up alveoli only happens once. Now that you started, you will build up resistance, not sensitivity. Cut down so you only smoke once a week and you will get that new feeling.

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