Is it me or is it colloquial?

I don't know why this happens but when ever I wake up up my room is always stuffy and it smells legitimate bad.
Even if I switch rooms, it other smells the same.

What could be cause this?
It has be happening for years immediately

It's normal. Its purely stale air. If you close your door, after there isn't righteous air circulation, so the heavens just get trapped. Try sleeping with your door spread out so that the air can circulate.
muzzle...clean it
If you are closing the door to the room you are sleeping surrounded by that might be the cause.
i own no idea, sorry but will come backbone and check on the answers it's interesting!! =P
Could be mold or mildew in your house.
It might be your sinuses. When you tale down, they get to you more. When i achieve a sinus infection, almost everything smells bad & definetly everything taste horrible. So, maybe it only works differently for different people.

Hope i help

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