2 months ago i tripped over dis boi leg and fell concrete on my right knees till this year every time i ...

bump it or touch it, it hurts. i fell 2 months ago. wat is the problem with it shoulg turn to a chiropratar, hospital, doctor, or wat???

You could have pulled or torn a ligament. You call for to see an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. You need to seize treatment before this become a really severe problem and you can't walk.

Are you trying to read aloud "this boy's leg"?

If so then yes if it have been 2 months later it is time to go to the Dr. Pain is not a sign that adjectives is well. Good Luck!
So you tripped and thats whats artificial your spelling?
I fell on my knee contained by 2001, tripped on my shoe no less. I tore a ligament. You necessitate to see a doctor because you might have torn something. You will enjoy pain because I have pain for over a year and til this hours of daylight when the weather changes and get cold, I feel it sometimes. But please see a doctor. I hurt myself on my opening so I saw a doctor that specialized in the knees area.
walk to the ER or to an orthopedic doctor..
dia wat u shoul do wrap it up and every night put a wram patch on it if that doesnt work for 1 week turn to a doctor
you're making me scared next to that question?

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