Antibacterial on a busted lip?

ok i busted my lip and i found some antibacterial to keep it from getting infected but it say on the tube not to ingest what should i do
i have already put it on but its newly a small amount will it still hurt me if i accidentally swallow it?

and i have no channel to get to a doctor or more anti bacterial
and another item is this the signs of an infection"
white around the edges

A busted lip merely needs to be cleaned beside sterile water or aromatic water.

It dosn't stipulation an antibacterial cream.
The small amount you have get in your mouth should do you no injury but I would drink a lot of wet to flush it through your system

The white edges around the site ARE NOT a sign of infection but the healing of the lip.

Leave it alone and it will alleviate in below a week.
There is nothing you can do going on for it unless it starts oozing puss and you feel under the weather and develope a fever.

Apply the melt salt hose down 4 times a day until the split have joined.
I wouldn't verbs to much if it was in recent times a tiny amount. I use Ziactin-B on any sores on or in my mouth. It seal off the wound and protects it from germs and food. Nothing worse than brackish on a busted lip. You can get Ziactin-B at any pharmacy or wal-mart it's by the Oral gel. Hope this help!

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