After a blood audition is your arm expected to hurt??

I got a blood trial this morning and my arm is in serious throbbing and i dont know was my first blood try-out and i had four different sample taken, now almost 4 hours after that my arm is still in severe backache...although it didnt hurt when i got it done. Im worried that something is wrong...or is this in recent times the norm??

The phlebotomist may have be unskilled resulting in bruising. This is habitually the source of pain. Many clinics immediately use specialized phlebotomists instead of doctors. My experience with them is they are adjectives horrid, clumsy, and make uncomfortable mistakes.

The reason hospitals and clinics use phlebotomists fairly than doctors is to reduce the work nouns of doctors and to prevent doctors from being sued.

This is a short time ago one more example of the medical robustness care crisis within America. They outsource as much "busy work" as possible and insulate themselves from legal commotion by placing numerous corporate veils between the gaping pockets of the corporation and the poorly treated patient.

If your throbbing does not diminish soon ( within 24 hours) run to the clinic or hospital where the work be done. Show them your problem and demand treatment. Get documentation on what procedures be done and who did them.

If your seemingly small problem becomes more serious, and it can, you will want to prove that you did everything in your power to prevent it. You will also entail to have as much information as possible to sue if you hold to.
It hurt for a while for me, but not serious pain. See how it feel tomorrow and go see a nurse.
I would make a contribution it 24 hours. I had a blood exam a while back and they took around four samples from equal vein, and it hurt approaching heck for a day latter.
There shouldn't be severe pain, but some soreness isn't unusual. Take an otc misery reliever and see if that helps any. If it's still bothering you as impossible tomorrow then enjoy it looked at.

Sorry you're in so much discomfort...have blood taken is unpleasant enough lacking after-effects :(
my arm normaly hurts but goes withen a few hours
you should not be contained by severe pain and after four hours you might enjoy a momma of a bruise but that's it - does it feel bruised? It is unlikely to be serious but if utter by tomorrow you are still having strain get it checked out. In the meantime whip some painkillers.
Yes your arm will hurt for a time. It because you have have a hole punchered into a blood vain and through muscle. I have have a couple of blood tests and for the rest of the time my arm has be painful, but the best item to do is use your arm as then the discomfort wears stale.
yeah that's quite average and nothing to verbs about. i bruise slickly, and i came up near a peach of a bruise (about the size of a 50p piece). it was still painful over the next 2 days earlier the pain subsided.

so long as you don't start bleeding again, you've get nothing to verbs about.
I tender blood as a donor every 4 - 5 months and I also have have blood samples taken for medical etc and it is uncommon for it to hurt for a long time afterwards.
The norm would be in the region of an hour. However you may have sensitive skin etc which could explain why you are still surrounded by pain. I would suggest seeing a nurse if near is no improvement as within may have be a problem with the method they used. Hope you surface better soon.

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